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Handcuffs and Sage is a podcast written, edited, researched and hosted by us: Red and T-Mo, with a lot of help from our one and only, super fan turned co-host, Dre. We’re all working moms, getting together to tell our stories about all things true crime and paranormal. We tell these stories not only for our own enjoyment, but to entertain others like us. We built this podcast from scratch and have put blood, sweat and wine into the process. We are eternally grateful for all the love and support! Love, Red, T-Mo and Dre and “We Do What We Want!”

“If you wanna cry, fucking cry girl!”

“Lady Pirates”


“We Have Questions”

“Whackadoodle” &”McFuck Face”

“Moustache Rides”

Red, T-Mo and Dre

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February 27, 2021

2nd annual CluedUpp event. The OG’s: Red, T-Mo, Dre, Stephanie and Miss Amie, and the Rookies: Eryn and Michanne. We SOLVED it in less than 2 hours, 18th place was the final results.

February 21, 2021

First time recording in the same room since March 2020. We went into the studio to record some videos too! Coming soon to YouTube.

March 2020

Coronavirus turned the World upside down!

February 2020

We finally met a few of our girls in SCV – MFM Murderinos. Such a fun night! Great to meet you Christine, Megan, Olivia, Hannah & Alyssa! “Stay Sexy and Don’t get Murdered!”

January 2020

CluedUpp – Team Handcuffs and Sage

December 2019

Dre’s Bad Ass Journey with “Be The Match!”

Happy Holidays!

November 2019

It’s our Superf*cking, Grateful for YOU, Girls Night! Potluck style, lots of wine and cocktails, nipple tree ornaments and our 2nd group episode, recorded for our Patreon Account!

October 2019

We had a Craft Corner and made Voodoo Dolls.

We had a Séance!! 10/12/19

August 2019

Girls Night and SURPRISE, we’re recording it!!!! Our first group episode for our Patreon Account. OMG this is a must listen, there are some super scary stories told! Oh and we all hop into the shower together lol!

July 2019

Starting out, just the 2 of us, sitting at Red’s dining room table, drinking some wine and enjoying the chaos of the husband, the kids and the dogs, Velvet & Frank. We were originally called Superf*cked, but decided to re-brand for 2020!